Notepad owner, naeem alvi, approached us to create the identity for his new business venture, notepad.
After a decade of working with fast-growth SMEs and big companies like RBS, Nike, Natwest and Argos to help them better define and grow their brands, Naeem founded Notepad to connect big brand experience with ambitious startups and new ventures that want to define, launch, and grow their brands quickly, effectively and affordably.

Our approach was to capitalise on the thought that all ideas start life as a scribble in a note book. It is the easiest way to jot down your thoughts, immortalising them in ink on paper. With this idea in mind, we built a brand that reflects the thought processes involved with ideation. 

The Notepad logo is a custom designed logotype that takes inspiration from the folding
of corners in books and notepads around the world. You only ever fold a corner when something’s worth remembering.

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